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Top 10 Approaches To Secure A Boxing Promoter

Finding a boxing promoter to promote shows in your hometown can be challenging. Promoters usually are well aware that their businesses are being threatened by the “fighters” who compete in their events.

No promoter wants to have a fighter become injured due to their negligence, but when you’re trying to convince them not to cut corners for safety reasons, it’s not the easiest task even for Probellum.

So what are some things you can do to secure a promoter?

Here are ten approaches that should help facilitate your quest for securitization of your local boxing events. Promoters are looking for someone who understands what it takes to be successful.

1)  Ensure you have experience as a fighter or have an intimate knowledge of the sport. Promoters want someone who can understand what is expected of them and their fighters.

2) Have a resume of events that proves your ability to schedule professional fights at appropriate venues on time with competent referees. It will show promoters you can stay on point.

3) Develop a plan for the future of boxing in your area. Promoters are looking for people who will work with them and not against them. Ask yourself, what’s my endgame? Do I want a small promotion company that runs shows at local fairs, or do you want to compete with the big boys? If you do not have answers to the questions, it may be best to go back to the drawing board.

4)  Don’t speak in absolutes; instead, create a list of demands. For instance, assume that your need is for each fighter to receive $50 an hour for their services (this rate would be above and beyond their purse or any other type of income).

You’d be better off providing a list such as:

  1. a) All fighters will receive $75 an hour for their services.
  2. b) All ring crew members will receive $50 an hour for their services.
  3. c) The official timekeeper for the event will receive $50 an hour, paid directly by the promoter.
  4. d) The official judge for the event will receive $50 an hour, paid directly by the promoter.
  5. e) The ring announcer for the event will receive $100 total for their services.
  6. f) Locker room supervisors and cut men will each receive a flat fee of $200 to cover their costs for the entire show.
  7. g) All referees will receive a flat fee of $500, paid directly by the promoter.
  8. h) The chief inspector will receive a flat fee of $250, paid directly by the promoter.

In other words, get a ton of people who are willing to tell their friends and family about the new show that’s going on in their area.

5) Get people who are connected with your promotional business or the event to promote it. It will help you fill seats for your shows while also promoting your fight league.

6) Never miss a scheduled meeting or phone call with a promoter unless there is a true emergency. You can quickly lose a promoter’s trust is by flaking on them or not following through with what was agreed upon. You need to prove you are a reliable business partner and won’t disappear without a trace.

Promoters need to know you are looking out for their interests and your own fighters’ interests.

7) Make sure your fighters know how important it is for them to stay in shape, even if they are not scheduled to fight soon. You don’t want a promoter thinking you are lazy or lack motivation because it reflects poorly on the promotion business as a whole.

You still need to be flexible and open to change because, as previously mentioned, promoters aren’t looking for difficult people to work with.

8) Remember that just because you have some money doesn’t mean you can do what you want. Make sure you address all concerns and questions promptly, so there is no confusion.

You can purchase banner ads online to promote the fights. 9) Promote your local event through radio advertisements and newspaper articles. When choosing radio ads, make sure to get in contact with your local affiliate for the promoter’s network.

10) Contact other professional boxing companies in your area to share fight results. It will help build relationships with promoters that could be valuable to your business in the future. For example, if a promoter from a different company requires a fighter, they might come to you for help.

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The next time you are looking for a boxing promoter, keep this advice in mind. These steps will help you make the right impression on promoters and help your business grow. Always engage a professional boxing promoter before you decide to promote an event to handle the job professionally. It’s important to note that if you do not have experience promoting fight events, it may be difficult for you to attract teams of professionals who want to work on your team.


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